It has been said that the strength of the wolf is not in the wolf, but it is in the pack. Our city is in need of strong and focused governance that will inspire, unify and challenge each of us to make our community a better place to live, grow and prosper. No community is better than its greatest ill or its bleakest weakness; however, we can overcome the challenges that confront us if we join together to lessen or defeat the frailties and plant hope through new and endearing ventures. Please review the information contained herein, join and support our team to help transform our city into one with a brighter and greater destiny.

Political Activity
  • To provide the required leadership to transformation Augusta into a city of growth and progressiveness;
  • To build a world-class city of sustained economic progressiveness;
  • To make Augusta a city of excellence and care;
  • To foster the creation of new industries and facilities to provide the needed jobs and careers; and
  • To make the city safer by reducing crime through job acquisition and education of residential constituents
Primary Goals
  • Carried out administrative functions for a political candidate;
  • Served as a community organizer;
  • Supported a political party;
  • Organized political events; and
  • Attended political events